My list of things that must go

29 Nov

Below is a list of things that bother/annoy me, and which I think should be gotten rid of. They are in no particular order:

Hillary Clinton – Nuff said!

The over-medicating of America – Now, don’t be me wrong, I’m a fan of modern medicine. I’ve used it from time to time to heal some ailment. What I am saying is that this country, I can’t speak for others, is far too dependent on the “all-mighty pill”. There is something wrong when, in a few hours of television watching (not necessarily successive) I can see 15 to 30 commercials for these magic fix-it-alls. That is disgusting! “Ask your doctor if ­(insert drug name here) is right for you.” What a crock of BS. And here is my other dislike – Dr: Here, take pill A to help with your condition. Now, pill A is going to cause side effects X and Y to happen to you so here is a prescription for pills B and C to counteract those side effects. You go in for one thing, and you come out with three! The dependence must go.

People who don’t read their mail before calling me and asking “what is this letter about?” Read the letter, that’s why we sent it!

Award shows. Nobody cares who you are or what you “accomplished”. Thank you for patting yourself on the back.

People who come to work when they’re sick. Listen, if I wanted to be around you when you’re sick, I’d come visit, but I don’t, so stay home! What, you don’t have any sick days left? Here’s an idea, only use sick leave WHEN YOU’RE ACTUALLY SICK! Stop “calling in sick” and running out of sick leave before the end of the year. Either that or be smarter about it and leave a day or two for cold and flu season. What gives you the right to come near me, all gross and infected, and spread germs that I then get to take home to my family? You’re sick, stay home.

Tarvaris Jackson – The quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings. OK, Coach Childress, you gave away draft picks to move up and take this guy in the 2nd round? I’m not really seeing how its paying off. You’ve got a stud running game, a solid offensive line, and a defense that is half balanced but getting better. Please do all of us loyal Purple People Eater fans a favor and find a quarterback to fit the team. We can do better!!!

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Posted by on November 29, 2007 in Lists, Rants


One response to “My list of things that must go

  1. Anastasia

    December 5, 2007 at 2:16 am

    Reese, do pipl in america really call when they get a letter from you Before they read it? i read some of the stuff, everything stayed in my head and took me further thinking, but this one MOST. pipl seem to get dumber and dumber. no ethic! dang, it makes me MAD!!!!!!! but hey, thanks for the thoughts and experiences. You’re amazing. Love.


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