Attracting More Attention

21 Feb

Apparently, the University of Utah is attracting a fair amount of attention. This article, forwarded to me by my sister-in-law, a lawyer, Texan, and all-around wonderful person, I found it to be mostly pleasant reading. Here are some of the better parts.

The senior at the University of Utah gets dressed and then decides which gun is easiest to conceal under his clothes.

If he’s wearing a T-shirt, he’ll take a smaller, low-profile gun to class. If he’s wearing a coat, he may carry a different weapon, he said.

He started carrying a gun to class after the massacre at Virginia Tech, but the student says he’s not part of the problem of campus shootings and could instead be part of a solution.

“Last year, after Virginia Tech, I thought ‘I’m not going to be a victim,’ ” Nick said.

“My first thought was ‘how tragic.’ But then I couldn’t help but think it could’ve been different if they’d allowed the students the right to protect themselves.”

Nick says his gun doesn’t make him feel immune from attack. “But I feel that I will be able to protect myself, and I’m confident in my training and my ability,” he said.

But, as always, there are the uneducated among us, even at the University level.

His confidence is not shared by fellow student Griselda Espinoza, who recently transferred to the university. Some 28,000 students attend the school, as of the latest enrollment figures.

“I feel less safe knowing that a stranger sitting beside me in class may have a gun in his or her backpack,” she said.

“The only people that should carry guns are trained officials.”

She obviously has no clue what it takes to be issued a concealed carry permit. You want to talk about training? Take the course, educate yourself about firearms, then you’ll have the ability to have an educated opinion. Remember, that is why you’re at a University, to be educated and to learn how to study something before forming an opinion.

University of Utah spokeswoman Coralie Alder stressed that although the school has become a poster child in the media regarding guns on campus, the debate is really a statewide issue.

“The university is following the law as determined by the Utah Legislature during last year’s session, which allows concealed weapon permit holders to carry guns on university and colleges campuses, as well as other locations,” she said.

The University of Utah, based in Salt Lake City, had prohibited firearms on its campus until that ban was struck down by the state’s Supreme Court in late 2006. The institution, backed by all other universities in the state, is still fighting through federal courts to reinstate the ban.

State Representative Curtis Oda …stressed that people with permits have gone through rigorous checks.

“When you see someone with a gun, you are looking at some of the most law-abiding people in the state,” he said.

I’m not sure why people don’t understand that.

To get a permit to carry a concealed weapon, people in Utah must, among other things:

  • Be 21 years old
  • Have no criminal record of violent, immoral or substance-related crime
  • Be mentally competent.
  • I will never cease to be shocked annoyed by those who cry out for conservatives to become more “educated” and “tolerant” of things with which we don’t agree. Yet, when the shoe is on the other foot, these same people refuse to do themselves what they ask of us.

    If education is the key to tolerance and acceptance, then please, please, all of you liberal pansies who fear what you don’t understand, please educate yourselves about firearms and the rights and responsibilities of legal, responsible gun ownership and carry.

    I’ll even take you shooting (at a range, calm down) if you promise not to cry too much!

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