The Walther P99

02 Mar

The other day I mentioned the Walther P99 (man that’s good lookin!) and had asked the question why it had two firing mechanisms, namely the QA and the AS. Well, after doing a little digging I was able to find this.

The Walther P99 QA is a pre-cocked striker fired pistol. The weapon can not be fired unless the striker is pre-cocked, much like a Glock. One unique feature of this system is that the slide does not have to be cycled all the way, but only about 3/8 of an inch to set the striker. Thus, if you carry the pistol with a round in the chamber but do not want it cocked, as there are no manual safeties on the weapon, you only need to move the slide back 3/8 of an inch to make it operable.

The Walther P99 AS is a traditional SA/DA striker fired pistol. The weapon, with a round in the chamber, can be fired in Double Action mode initially. The cycling of the slide will allow the pistol to fire in Single Action mode from that point forward. Once firing in Single Action mode the trigger only needs to be released about half way forward to reset the trigger and fire again.

If I were to purchase a P99, it would definitely be a P99 AS. The AS stands for anti-stress and the meaning is clear. When firing a Double Action pistol, the initial trigger pull is going to be long and heavy. This is going to help you to not accidentally fire a round when you are not ready. Also, since, in SA mode, the trigger resets at half way forward, that means that it also does not catch until half way back. Thus, if the striker is fully cocked, a twitch of the trigger finger will not fire the weapon, unless you fully suppress the trigger.

Clear as mud? That’s what I thought, so I went out and found a video to help me understand.


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5 responses to “The Walther P99

  1. Bobby G.

    March 7, 2008 at 6:11 pm

    When I recently got my Walther/Umarex RAM-P99 (.43 cal) paintball pistol, I also received a very nice “promotional” DVD from Walther. On it is a “test” of the P99 using a fictitous scenario &”agent” to demo the capabilities of the real pistol (drop test, freeze test, rapid firing,etc.) and it’s very enjoyable (and was free to boot).Now…all I have to do is save enough $$$ for the real deal.(next life?);)B.G.

  2. Reese

    March 7, 2008 at 7:26 pm

    Here’s a question: I wonder what the difference between a Walther P99 and a S&W 99 is? The grips looks slightly different, and some of the internal workings may be a little different. Maybe that would be an alternative? Here are a couple articles that I found: ; ;As I’ve poked my head around the Gun Community I’ve found that a majority of gunnies don’t like S&W Semi-Automatic pistols. I’ve never owned/fired one so I can’t say from experience.

  3. Bobby G.

    March 9, 2008 at 8:29 am

    Reese:From what I’ve both read and seen, the MAJOR difference is in the slide and the trigger guard) – that is S&W (w/ a patenting blurb from Walther on it), but I do recall hearing that the poly frame still comes from Germany (has the S&W logo added when it gets here).S&W came out with a P990L “fast action”, which, for all intents and purposes is just like the P99 QA DAO pistol (reference: Handguns magazine-June/July 2005).I do know that some officers here in Ft. Wayne carry a S&W Sigma (.40 cal) that I find kind of “ugly”. My take is that if it doesn’t look good and feel good to YOU…keep shopping.I’ve held the P99 and the P22 in a gun shop…and they DO feel good. The p22 is prone to hammer spring breakage, from what I’ve heard, but Walther makes good w/ a factory fix or free.Don’t know about the “M&P” yet.I would take a 100% Walther over a S&W “clone” any day(unless the price on the S&W was REAL good).Hope this helps.B.G.

  4. Reese

    March 9, 2008 at 7:21 pm

    I’m with you on the S&W clone. Of the three pistols (Walther P99 QA/AS, and S&W 99) I’d chose the Walther P99 AS. I do NOT like the trigger pull on the QA or the S&W 99 – much too heavy, much too long. To reiterate, I was not pleased at all! The Walther grip aesthetic also felt better.


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