Not Quite Falling For It

03 Mar

The other night I was sitting here looking for a job (I love the internet!) and wandered over to The Other Side for a minute. My wife entered the room and asked, “what are you doing?” as she made her way over to the computer to view the screen. With no time to close the browser I knew that I had to think quickly, so I did what most men do – try to head her off at the pass!

“Just looking for jobs.”

It didn’t work, she looked anyway – “You’re reading Kim? You are so easily distracted.”

Back peddle, think of something, quick! – “But sweetie, you’re just so beautiful. It’s easy to get distracted.”

Giving me a look that could burn a hole through Superman – “My beauty has nothing to do with Kim du Toit!”

And I promptly resumed my job search – “Yes, dear.”

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Posted by on March 3, 2008 in Family, Humor


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