Seeing Jail Time?

13 Mar

So, a couple of stupid Mormon missionaries (notice I used the derogotory term) did some stupid things, photographed themselves doing it, then posted those photos on the internet.

Photos posted on the Internet show three Mormon missionaries mocking a Catholic shrine and holding the broken head of a statue of a saint….

Costilla County Sheriff Gilbert Martinez said deputies… were beginning to investigate whether the men vandalized the Shrine of the Mexican Martyrs at the Chapel of All Saints….

The photos show young men holding the broken head of a statue, preaching from the Book of Mormon at an altar and pretending to sacrifice one another.

The damaged statue seen in one of the photos depicts Manuel Morales, who was the 28-year-old president of Mexico’s National League for the Defense of Religious Liberty when he was executed in 1926 for refusing to recognize laws he considered anti-religion. He was among more than two dozen Mexican saints canonized in 2000.

The broken head had gone unnoticed because it had been placed back on the statue.

The sheriff said charges could include desecration of a venerated object, criminal trespass, defacing property and bias-motivated crime.

Being LDS, and having served a mission, I can say that I saw plenty of stupid missionaries. Most of their stupidity comes from the fact that they are usually between the ages of 19 and 21, and most of them have had no real responsibility in life. I’m speaking primarily of American (born not serving) missionaries because very few of them truely have any sense of real life.

I hope that they get the book thrown at them! This makes me so angry! Don’t they remember that we were are mocked for our beliefs, that we were driven from State to State, driven by mobs and an extermination order?! In a country where we have the Constitutional Right and freedom to practice religion, our right was denied, and these jack-asses turn around and MOCK another faith, criminaly trespassing and desecrating venerated objects?!

Morons! I hope you go to jail and become someone girlfriend!

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Posted by on March 13, 2008 in Rants, Religion


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