Twins, Almost

01 Apr

With the previous revelation about Taurus and Beretta, I decided to do a little bit of looking to see what else I could find.

That is when I stumbled across these beauties: The Beretta Cheetah and the Taurus 58HCC.

How similar are they? Very. Let’s do a little side by side comparison – Cheetah numbers first, 58HCC second. Barrel Lenth: 3.8″/3.25″; Over-All Length: 6.8″/6 1/8″; Height: 4.8″/More (I could not find a spec on its actual heighth but we’ll discuss that later); Trigger: Both DA/SA; Weight: 23.3 oz/18.7 oz.

Pretty close so far. But here is the mian difference – Capacity 10 vs 19! Yes, that’s right 19. The Taurus 58HCC has been through a few generations. First, it was the PT58, holding 10 rounds, the, the 59HC, holding 12-13, now the HCC holding 19. This is probably targeted toward the South American market since they have restrictions on caliber size, not to mention that any American shooting 6″ long 5+” high (compact/sub-compact) pistol is going to carry a 9mm or higher!

I read somewhere (I’ve tried to Google it but can’t find it) that 7 rounds of .380 ACP is like getting a full blast of 00 Buckshot. So, what does 19 rounds make?

So, if you’re looking for a .380 auto pistol that doesn’t look like a Walther PPK/S/CZ 83/ Bersa Thunder/ Sig 232, these thould fill your need. Just remember that they’re on the higher end of the price tag: $700/$617 (according to their websites).

Personally, I think the Beretta looks better. But for a pistol of that size, I’d rather have a CZ 75B Compact in .40S&W.

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