The Water Problem

13 Apr

In Ukraine we had a water problem, not the least of which was Chernobyl 80 miles up river from of Kyiv. To combat any of the problems that we might encounter from the water, the Church provided the missionaries with a rather elaborate filtration system. It had three tall chambers and each had a different funtion. The first was a large particle filter which was to be changed every month (see picture). The second was a small particle filter which got changed every three months. The third was a radiation filter that was changed once a year. Ah, the memories…

Also, every year the government would turn off the hot water for two weeks during the summer to control energy consumption. This was not a problem as the 90+ degree days mixed with the 85%+ humidity made cold showers a welcome treat. It also gave us a chance to understand why we used the filtration system that we did. As soon as we’d received our hot water back, you wanted to flush the pipe for 5 – 10 minutes to “clear them out.” Other wise, you were showering in this…

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Posted by on April 13, 2008 in Mission Memories


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