The Eternal Job Hunt

14 Apr

Yep, it’s back on. Yes, I still have my new job – my five week old job – but it’s not working out. Here is some idea of what I’m seeking:

Career Inventory Test Results

Extroversion ||||||||||||||||||||| 70%
Emotional Stability ||||||||||||||||||||| 63%
Orderliness ||||||||||||||||||||| 63%
Altruism |||||||||||||||||| 60%
Inquisitiveness ||||||||||||||| 50%

You are a Persuader, possible professions include – entertainer, recruiter, artist, newscaster, writer/journalist, recreation director, librarian, facilitator, politician, psychologist, housing director, career counselor, sales trainer, travel agent, program designer, corporate/team trainer, child welfare worker, social worker (elderly services), interpreter/translator, occupational therapist, executive

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Anybody got anything like that?


Posted by on April 14, 2008 in Life


2 responses to “The Eternal Job Hunt

  1. James

    April 14, 2008 at 8:33 pm

    Job hunts are neverending. They teach us more patience than we think we ever need. There is something funky about this year. Like Joe Purdy’s song it seems like it is always one of those just can’t get it right days. But, it WILL all work out for the best. Sometimes the key is just to be grateful for what we have. Good luck.

  2. Bobby G.

    April 15, 2008 at 11:32 am

    This is what they “said” about me:Extroversion-53% Emotional Stability-43% Orderliness-76% Altruism-50% Inquisitiveness-70% You are a Planner. Possible professions include – management consultant, economist, scientist, computer programmer (no freakin’ way), environmental planner (build nuclear), new business developer, curriculum designer, administrator, mathematician, psychologist (oh, sure), neurologist, biomedical researcher, strategic planner (hmm), civil engineer, intellectual properties attorney, designer, editor/art director, inventor (ditto on the “hmm”), informational-graphics designer, financial planner, judge (LMAO).Aside from mthe STRATEGIC PLANNER (a daily chore in my neighborhood), and being a JUDGE (the judicial system couldn’t handle MY judgements…LOL), and the INVENTOR thing, there’s much else I particularly like.But that’s “just me”.;)B.G.(where was this test 30 years ago?)


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