Paid How Much?

22 Apr

With the NFL draft coming up on Saturday, the sports world has been turned on its ear with anticipation of who will be going where and for how much. In the modern Gladiator meat trade that is the NFL it’s interesting to see how much newly drafted rookies are getting paid. Now, don’t get me wrong. I love the NFL! I just think that some of the owners are getting a little ridiculous with the money that they are paying these kids.

Jake Long, the left tackle from Michigan has been selected as this year’s most appealing piece of meat number one over-all draft pick. The Miami Tuna dolphins are paying him $57.75 million, with $30 million guaranteed over five years. I hope that he breaks his leg during their first game. Maybe that would wake some of these owners up and they’ll stop paying to much for someone who hasn’t played one snap in the NFL.

Last year, JaMarcus Russell, former LSU Quarterback, was drafted number one over-all by the Oakland Raiders. Well, he had to get his, so he held out until just before the regular season started. His six year contract is $68 million with $31.5 million guaranteed. NFL Quarterback is one of the most difficult jobs ANYWHERE and this guy hasn’t taken one NFL snap. He earned $11.33 and did absolutely nothing to help the franchise.

The 2006 number one over-all was Mario Williams. His contract was $54 million with a speculated $26 million in guarantees.

Where is it going to go from here? Yes, all of these players have been proven at the college level (which is way more entertaining than the Pro’s. The Pro’s whine too much…) but the NFL is different and every veteran player will tell you that. Anyone remember Ryan Leaf? Huge waste of money. $31.25 million, $11.25 of which was guaranteed, on a four year contract of which he only played two.

Oh well. These billionaire franchise owners have nothing better to do, I guess, than pay way to much for something unproven. Now, if only we can convince Brad Childress to get a different QB. Brad, I mean, Coach Childress, Tarvaris Jackson just isn’t going to cut it! You’ve got AP in the backfield and Bernard Berrian at WR. Please get someone who can toss Berrian the rock! But that’s for another post.

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Posted by on April 22, 2008 in Rants, Sports


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