Two Stupid People, One Tragic Accident

22 Apr

On the west side of the Salt Lake Valley, the main North-South access road is Bangerter Highway. Bangerter was a relief to the west-siders because it meant that they didn’t have to travel to the center of the valley, to I-15, to go North/South. Bangerter is not a freeway, however. It is a highway, meaning it has stop lights at every major East-West access road. In 24.3 miles of highway there are only eight or nine intersections, and three of those are within a six mile stretch at the north end near the Salt Lake International Airport. The speed limit ranges from 45 – 60 mph, depending on location.

Well, a couple of months ago this accident occoured. Unfortunately a four year old was killed when a driver ran a read light and t-boned the car carrying the child. The light runner apparently had a suspended license. He’s the first idiot. He shouldn’t have been driving and I hope he gets manslaughter charges!

The second idiot is the mother of the dead child. She is claiming, according to the story, that the stop light is to blame. She thinks that the yellow light isn’t long enough and also that the State needs to instal warning signs further up the road so that drivers know that there is a stop light a head.

Ma’am, I’m sorry that you lost your daughter, but the only thing to blame for her death is the person who shouldn’t have been driving, who was driving to fast, and who failed to obey the law!

KSL reader Elizabeth R. put it this way: Why would a traffic light be to blame for a few people making bad decisions? 35,000 other cars travel that intersection each day and don’t seem to have a problem making those “sudden” stops, as you describe them.

If you’re flying down bangerter, and the light turns yellow, you have 5 seconds before it turns red. Then you have about another 3 seconds before the light for the cross traffic turns green. Then you have about another 2-4 seconds before any cars hit the gas and make it far enough into the intersection for you to hit. Let’s see… is 10-12 seconds not long enough to take the correct action? I think it is for anybody, except those who aren’t paying nearly as much attention as they should.

Amen, sister Elizabeth! Utahns consistantly refer to themselves as the “worst drivers in the nation, well everyone but me.” Yep, and everybody takes that opinion and everybody is right, right? Wrong! Many, many Utahns, especially those along the Wasatch Front average 10 or so mph in excess of the speed limit. When neat tools like photocop are instituted by local police departments (I loved photo cop!) the State Legislature created laws against it because too many of their kids were getting caught speeding.

Oh well. More money will be wasted so that people morons will have to pay less attention while driving becauss all of the “safety” devices will “make” them drive better. Stupid…


Posted by on April 22, 2008 in Local, Needless Deaths


2 responses to “Two Stupid People, One Tragic Accident

  1. Tammy

    April 22, 2008 at 8:27 am

    Just another reminder to always be cautious and focused while driving, especially at intersections and when you have your children in the car with you.

  2. Bobby G.

    April 23, 2008 at 7:38 am

    My dad always told me that “DRIVING IS YOUR SECOND JOB”…!Maybe if we all got back to basics….none of the crap in cars to divert our attention, so we CAN concentrate on the road (and those others who do not).Comedian Ron White says: “You can’t fix stupid”.Perhaps not…but you COULD legislate it.;)B.G.


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