Light Bulb – Turned On

28 Apr

Let me begin this with the understanding that this piece is not meant to demean or degrade the M1911 in any way.

If you read any gun magazines or talk to anybody over the age of 50, you’d think that John Moses Browning’s M1911 is the end all, be all of handguns. A tried and true design for what has become the most successful .45 caliber handgun in history. As I’m now stepping into the .45 caliber world I’ve come to learn somehting – the 1911 platform is so popular because there isn’t much else out there.

For example, HK offers three models – HK45, USP, and the MK23; Smith & Wesson has the 45** series, the SW99OL, and the new M&P, along with some revolvers but we won’t get into those; Kahr has four models, but do you really want to own a Kahr? Other than that, most companies have one model in .45. Sig Sauer; Ruger; Springfiled’s XD; FN; CZ; Hi-Point; all only have one model.

But since it’s not a 1911 it’s not worthy of mention, right? Wrong. You’ll find that there are plenty of gunnies in the rising generation who are looking for alternatives to the 1911. Respecting and revearing what our fathers and grandfathers have passed on to us, but also looking for something different, something that will define our generation.

Do we want as many choices in firearms as you have in a 9mm or .40S&W? Not really, because that many variations, of what is essentially the same gun, gets tiresome and becomes a marketing ploy to sell more arms. Maybe that’s why most companies only have one model .45 (with its variations of full, compact, and sub-compact). It works, and it works well. It’s a variation from the 1911 that simply gives us another option.

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