A Knock Out Punch?

14 May

I guess we never saw this coming. Rudi Giuliani is helping run Vitaly Klitschko’s Kyiv Mayoral campaign. Who is Vitaly Klitschko, you ask? He’s a professional boxer. He’s run for Kyiv Mayor once before, and lost. Something he is not used to doing. As a boxer he is 35-2, and 34 of those wins came by knock out. One of his two losses was in 2003, when Lennox Lewis got lucky in the third round and cut Klitschko’s eye.

But back to the main point. It’s interesting that a boxer would run for Mayor of the Ukrainian capitol. He does have his Ph.D., which earned him the nickname Dr. Iron Fist, so you can tell that he’s not a meat head.

But why call on Rudi Giuliani? The article in the Kyiv Post doesn’t give any details. More on this to follow as the details are released.

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Posted by on May 14, 2008 in International, Politics, Sports


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