The Soviet Republic of California

15 May

Wow! How happy am I that I’m not in the CSSR right now! The California Supreme Court decides that it has the Constitutional authority to overturn the voice of the people. Words fail me. Does anyone else see what this means? The people are no longer in control of their government. At any time, these judges can declare law. That means that they have overstepped their authority and have decided to trample the people under their feet.

People of California, come November you better have an initiative on your ballet that again makes your voices heard! All four of the judges that have trampled your rights should be removed from the bench. Do you want to live under that type of tyranny? I wouldn’t!

What does it mean when a democratic republic gives into the special interest of a minority? The rule of law does not govern when four people can overturn the voice of millions!

What is the Governator doing about it? Apparently, nothing. Not a damn thing. He’s just going to sit there and let the people take it because he doesn’t care. It does him no benefit to fight for the peoples’ voice, even though that’s his job! ARNOLD – GET OFF YOUR ASS AND PROTECT THE VOICE OF THE PEOPLE OF CALIFORNIA! Oh wait, I forgot. You’re already saluting a different flag

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Posted by on May 15, 2008 in History, Politics, Rants


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