What Do They Want?

10 Sep

Michael Savage asked an interesting question during his program today.  I’ve been thinking about it and I believe that I’ve come up with the answer.

“Why do Liberal Feminists love Barack Obama?  What is their attraction to him?”
The answer is actually quite simple.  Liberal Feminists don’t want equality, they want dominance.  For the Liberal Feminist, equality is not enough.  Men must cower in their presence and bend over backwards to meet their “needs.”  
Barack will fill this role perfectly.  He’ll be a UN lap dog so why wouldn’t he do everything that he can to please his Liberal Feminist base?  
So why don’t Conservative Feminists (and yes, there is such a thing for those who scoff) love Barack Obama?  It’s quite simple – Conservative Feminists want a strong man who isn’t afraid of a fight or a gun.  They want a man to work with not to work over.  
This points to the reason why Conservative Feminists will vote for John McCain.  Not because they like his stance on illegal immigration, which is not conservative, but because the North Vietnamese couldn’t break him in five years, so neither is his Conservative Feminist running mate Governor Sarah Palin going to break/dominate him!  But she will work with him to overhaul and reform Washington.  
So, what have we learned?  Liberal Feminists like week, pansy boys.  Conservative Feminists like strong, manly boys.  
I ask my women readers, which are you?
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Posted by on September 10, 2008 in Politics, Random


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