My Audacity of Hope

24 Sep

The US is in economic crisis. The Federal Reserve is asking for all sorts of special new powers, and requesting that it be given this power with no over site and no way for the government, or the courts, to step into its bidness.

John McCain says, “Hey, I know that we have a debate on Friday but I’ve been elected as a Senator to represent my state and look out for my constituency. I think we should move the debate back and help our fellow Senators work this thing out. What do you say?”

Barack Obama says, “Hell no! And miss my chance to show the US that I’m a more eloquent speaker than you? Besides, I want the Federal Reserve to have unlimited power. It will be that much easier to introduce my personal brand of Socialism when I take office in January. I haven’t been doing my job half of the time that I’ve been in the US Senate (representing my state and looking out for my constituency), I’ve been too busy pursuing personal ambition and running for the Presidency. And besides, I don’t want to do anything right now. I want to tell people what I’m going to do in three months! Bipartisanship? Why would I want to reach across the isle? I haven’t in the past, why start now?”

What John McCain should do is go to Washington DC and send Sarah Palin to the debate in his stead. Why not? That’s what VP’s do right, stand in for the President when he is unavailable? How great would that be?! Obama would most certainly have a change of heart and walk out on Sarah Palin, stating that he’d decided to join his fellow Comrades Senators in working out this crisis. Do it, John! Send Sarah as your stand in! Let her debate the hell out of ole Barry boy! Please? It would be really fun to watch!

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Posted by on September 24, 2008 in Eyes+Sharp Stick, History, Politics, Rants


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