Winding Down

15 Oct

I spent the afternoon running around in the Uinta Mountains looking for a place to go deer hunting this weekend.  I know, why didn’t you start looking earlier?  Well, aren’t you just a smarty pants?!  Any way, I’m pretty sure that we’ve found the place to start and we’ll go from there.  Where is it, you ask?  I’m not telling you!  That way I won’t see you out there.  

I just finished watching the final Presidential Debate.  Don’t ask me who the winner was because I don’t think anybody wins these things.  I tend to listen and see who lies more.  It was nice to see Senator Obama change several positions and create new policy during the debate.  It makes me wonder what he’s going to change next.  
I can’t quite get past the faces that John McCain was making during.  The looks of confusion were easy to follow when Senator Obama changed position, but most of the time Senator McCain looked constipated.  
One last thing.  Obama leading in the polls.  That doesn’t mean JACK!  Please remember, Conservatives are always stronger down the stretch.  Also, Liberals are always louder – there’s always fewer of them but they’re always louder.  
Please remember this – there are 24 States where the electors in the Electoral College are not bound by law to vote along with the popular vote.  Those states, and their votes, are: Georgia 15, Indiana 11, New Jersey 15, New York 31, Texas 34, Pennsylvania 21, Minnesota 10, Missouri 11.  Now is Barack Obama going to win all of those votes?  I don’t think so.  The American people are going to be reminded that the U.S. Constitution does not give the people the opportunity to elect the President.  That privilege goes to the Electoral College (See United States Constitution, Article II, Section 1, Clause 2 & 4).  Now, yes, I know that there are 26 States and the District of Columbia where the electors in the Electoral College are bound by state law to vote with the state wide popular vote.  The large states here are: California 55, Florida 27, Maryland 10, Massachusetts 12, Michigan 17, North Carolina 15, Ohio 20, Washington 11.
That gives you 148 free votes up for grabs, and 167 guaranteed votes up for grabs, one-third of which come from ghetto-fabulous California (plus others, I know, but these are just the big ones). 
So remember, get out and vote and vote against Obama’s Democratic Socialism.  But also remember, in the end there are 254 electors who don’t have to follow what you say.  They are probably the only people in the country that can save us from the Obamessiah.
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