17 Oct

Kim gives some wonderful advice to the Democrat in Republican’s clothing. And the advice is for him to say:

“I have thought long and hard about the tax issue, because it’s one which affects a vast number of Americans—not all Americans, of course, because under current IRS rules about one fifth of American citizens pay no taxes at all. So I’ve decided to change my tax policy, and will work tirelessly as President to make this a reality.

“My opponent keeps talking about tax “breaks”, and tax “exemptions” and so on, and to be frank, he makes the whole issue even more complicated than it already is.

“So I’m going to make things simple.

“Under my Presidency, the United States will become the most fairly-taxed nation on Earth. Americans will pay federal taxes at three rates: adjusted gross incomes at or under $35,000 will pay 5%, incomes of $35,000 – $75,000 will pay 10%, and incomes greater than $75,000 will pay 15% tax.

“That’s it. No exemptions, no withholdings, no “credits” and no deductions except for the per-dependent allowance of $5,000.

“Corporations will pay a flat 10% tax rate on net profits, but with no deductions allowed, whatsoever. There have been times when a multibillion-dollar corporation ends up paying no taxes at all because of the hundreds of deductions and tax loopholes. My friends, those days are over.”

I highly recommend reading the rest.

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Posted by on October 17, 2008 in Life, Politics, Rants, Really Excited


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