A Republic, If You Can Keep It (Part 2)

28 Oct

Continuing where we left off

Section 2: The Success of the Republic

One would have to conclude from history as well as current conditions that the American Republic has been extremely successful….

…Both the capable and the incapable are offered a government education. We can attend the church of our choice, start a newspaper, use the Internet, and meet in private when we choose.

The nature of a republic and the current status of our own are of little concern tot he American people in general. Yet there is a small minority, ignored by political, academic, and media personnel, who do spend time thinking about the importance of what the proper role for government should be. The comparison of today’s government to the one established by our Constitution is a subject of deep discussion for those who concern themselves with the future and look beyond the fall election. The benefits we enjoy are a result of the Constitution our Founding Fathers had the wisdom to write. However, understanding the principles that were used to establish our nation is crucial to its preservation and something we cannot neglect.

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Posted by on October 28, 2008 in History, Politics


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