Nothing… But Then Again

13 Nov

I’ve been coming the local news looking for something, anything of interest that I could put up here. Alas, nothing can be found. But if you’ve got nothing better to do:

White Powder Sent to Mormon Temples in Utah and LA

Gays Bashing Mormons Over Prop 8 Nationwide

And more of the same. In other news, guns sales are still up, up, up! And Obama is supposedly going to make Hillery such major part of his Administration that his Foreign Policy failures will be her foreign policy failures, making it more difficult for her to run against, and beat, him in 2012, after his agonizing first term.

On a bright note – I got into all of the classes that I wanted for the Spring ’09 Semester! OK, so that only interests me and the rest of you don’t care, but hey being on a tight budget and not being part of the gun rush I have to get my excitement somewhere.

This guy’s lucky he’s not seriously injured, or dead!

Modifying a Blackhawk Serpa to carry IWB. Interesting, but safe?

S&W’s making a Commie gun? Gotcha! But you should still check it out…

And a couple of things you can all go in on and get me for Christmas. One, Two, or if you want to get really crazy Three. (Remember, MSRP is high… actual in-store price is less.)

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Posted by on November 13, 2008 in Eyes+Sharp Stick, Guns, Local, Politics, Religion, School


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