I Hope They Weren't Mine!

23 Nov

So, 2,500 random, average Americans were selected to be part of a survey/exam put on by the Intercollegiate Studies Institute. Apparently, the American citizens only averaged 49% (out of 33 questions that’s only 16 correct), but “self identified” public officials averaged 44% (about 14.5 out of 33).

So what were these questions about? “The exam questions covered American history, the workings of the US government and economics.”

Among the questions asked of some 2,500 people who were randomly selected to take the test, including “self-identified elected officials,” was one which asked respondents to “name two countries that were our enemies during World War II.”

Sixty-nine percent of respondents correctly identified Germany and Japan. Among the incorrect answers were Britain, China, Russia, Canada, Mexico and Spain.

Shock and Awe, but somehow not surprised. As the article states at the end, “Activities that dull Americans’ civic knowledge include talking on the phone and watching movies or television — even news shows and documentaries, ISI said.”

Maybe a law should be passed that, in order for a person’s name to be put onto a ballot for office, they have to take and pass this type of test with a MINIMUM 95%.

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Posted by on November 23, 2008 in Eyes+Sharp Stick, Politics, School


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