A Republic If You Can Keep It (Part 5)

15 Dec

Law and Morality

No matter how well intentioned, an authoritarian government always abuses its powers. In its effort to achieve an egalitarian society, the principle of inequality that freedom recognizes and protects is lost. Government then, instead of being an obstacle to violence becomes the biggest perpetrator. This invites all the special interests to manipulate the monopoly and evil use of government power. Twenty thousand lobbyists currently swarm Washington seeking special advantage. That’s where we find ourselves today

Although government cannot and should not try to make people better in the personal moral sense, proper law should have a moral non-aggressive basis to it – no lying, cheating, stealing, killing, injuring, or threatening. Government then would be limited to protecting contracts, people, and property, while guaranteeing all personal non-violent behaviors – even the controversial.

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Posted by on December 15, 2008 in Politics


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