Old Girlfriends

16 Dec

Do any of you ever wonder what has become of those people that you dated in the past? I know that most breakups happen with anger and death threats, though I’ve personally never experienced any of that.

Well, I was looking through an old photo album today and came across my elementary school class pictures. That took me back. As I started running through the memories I couldn’t help but think about the first brunette, well girl in general, that captured my heart. Her name was Tiffany Mansfield and she was, at the time, “the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen.”

Tiffany and I were in the same first, second, and fourth grade class, before I moved to Kansas. We kept in touch through the years, sending letters and Christmas cards. After moving back to Utah we got in touch again. She was the first girl that I went on a “date” with – we saw a movie at the Valley Fair Mall. A few years later, I took her to one of my High School dances.

So, whatever became of her? Well, apparently in 2005 she was the Second Runner up on the Miss Utah Rodeo pageant. Wow. It’s interesting what you can find by googling people.

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Posted by on December 16, 2008 in Life, Random


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