2008 in Review

06 Jan

I know that this post may be considered “late” by some, but this is my review not yours. Let’s take it month by month:

January – Began my second to last semester at SLCC.
February – Lost my job with Beneficial Financial Group.
March – Got a job with Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc.
April – Turned 27.
May – The boy turned 1; Spring Semester ended.
June – Began last semester at SLCC.
July – Family Reunion.
August – Graduated from SLCC with an Associate of Arts – English; Began my first Semester at the University of Utah; Fantasy Football draft.
September – Nothing of Consequence.
October – Tammy turned 25; I got skunked on the deer hunt.
November – Saw lots of family during Thanksgiving.
December – Lost my job with PRMI; Finished the Fall Semester; Finished the Fantasy Football season 4-12; Had a great Christmas!

Yeah, I’m sure that there was some other stuff that happened in world, politics, guns, etc., but I’ve covered all of the important things here.

It is interesting how being laid off can affect you. There is plenty of work to be had in the world and that is not a major concern for me. What has been interesting is the blessing that being laid off was for me at this time.

A blessing, you ask? How can that be? Well, you have to look at priorities and what truly makes you happy in life. My family makes me truly happy. From August 25 when the Fall semester started, until December 4 when I was laid off, I wasn’t seeing my family all that much. I was usually up at 6:00 AM or so while my family slept and would be gone until 6:00 or 7:00 PM. We usually put the boy to bed at about 8:30 so I was only getting to spend about an hour or so with him because there was homework to be done, etc.

The same went for Tammy, I was not able to spend a lot of time with her and what little time we did have was after 10:00 when we were both exhausted and ready for bed.

Of course a job is needed for income and whatnot. And with the Spring semester starting next week I hope that I’m able to find work soon. But I have enjoyed being home and spending so much time with my family, especially during the holidays. I know my son so much better now and Tammy and I have been able to spend quality time together and not just the half awake “how was your day” time.

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