Oh Yes, We Loves Us Our Second!

12 Jan

Earlier this, no wait, last year I posted about the current trend of Utah CCW permits. Well, it appears that the Salt Lake Tribune, our local leftist paper, has decided to follow my lead.

Gun owners are flooding the state with applications for concealed weapons permits, with almost 45,000 applications filed in 2008, easily a record number, quadrupling the figure from just four years ago.

With the surge, about one in every 25 Utahns over age 21 could be carrying a licensed concealed weapon, according to a Salt Lake Tribune analysis of numbers from the Bureau of Criminal Identification.

In December, alone, BCI received 6,000 permit requests — the highest number ever, capping a year with six record-breaking months.

In all, about 71,000 Utahns have a license to pack a concealed weapon. It is estimated that another 71,000 out-of-state residents have a Utah permit.

Experts say the sharp increase in the numbers can be attributed to several factors: national politics, the economic downturn and well-publicized shootings.

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Posted by on January 12, 2009 in Guns, Local


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