I Will Have Them!!!

14 Jan

Last year, Ruger entered the pocket pistol arena with the LCP. The Lightweight Carry Pistol is a 6+1, .380 ACP pistol. Here are the specs from

Caliber:.380 Auto
Barrel Length:2.75″
Overall Length:5.16″
Weight:9.4 oz
Front Sight(s):Fixed
Rear Sight(s):Fixed

This year, according to and The Firearm Blog (I recommend visiting both), Ruger is adding another lightweight conceal carry firearm to their lineup – the LCR, or Lightweight Carry Revolver.

Here’s the scoop:

Caliber: .38 SPL
Capacity: 5 Rounds
Barrel Length: 1.875″
Overall Length: 6.50″
Weight: 13.5 oz.
Front Sight(s): Replaceable, Pinned Ramp Front
Rear Sight(s): Integral U-Notch

Arguably the coolest part about the LCR is that the grip frame and the cylinder frame are two different pieces, and the grip frame is made of a high composite polymer! A while ago, my wife asked me if revolvers came with polymer frames, as many semi-autos do. I said no, because at the time they didn’t. We may see a new trend in the firearms industry.

According to Jeff Quinn at, who fired one of these at the Ruger factory:

Ruger has put a lot of time and money into the design of the LCR, particularly the geometry of the internal parts. Judging from my shooting experience at the factory, they got it right. The trigger pull on the LCR is very smooth, and very light for a pocket revolver. Many pocket revolvers have dreadful trigger pulls, and I get a lot of email from readers who buy a gun for defense, and have a very hard time pulling the trigger. If the production LCRs are like the one that I shot, the trigger pull problem is solved. That gun had what could be called a perfect trigger pull for a pocket revolver; a smooth and light double action.

Accuracy was also very good. The sights are easy to see in good light…. Ruger is also offering the LCR with a Crimson Trace Lasergrip, and CT was in on this early. The grip of the LCR was designed to take a Lasergrip from the start. Attaching a Lasergrip to the LCR, I was able to punch tight groups on the target, greatly improving my accuracy with the little gun.

Are you excited yet? Oh, you should be. Yes, I will own both of these, eventually. Being out of a job, and in college, does put a damper on one’s gun-buying ability. But as both of these handguns will be around for a while I’ll have time to get mine.

Pictures courtesy of Ruger, The Firearm Blog, and

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