America's Legal System At Work

23 Feb

So, let’s say you’re at home in the suburbs and people are coming onto your property, vandalizing your property, breaking into your home, killing your animals.  You have the right to defend your property and even detain these people so as to turn them over to law enforcement, right? 

Not according to U.S. District Judge John Roll.  Roger Barnett is being sued for $32 million by 16 illegal aliens because he detained them and turned them over the the border patrol.  In fact, Mr. Barnett has turned over to the US Border Patrol 12,000 illegal aliens that have attempted to cross his property since 1998.  He is an American who is fighting for his country and the legal system is treating him like a criminal.  
Thank you, judge Roll, for showing the world just how backward our legal system is!
Update: In Utah, we have the right to Citizens Arrest, see Utah Code Section 76-2-403.  But this happened in Arizona, you say.  Well, here’s the legal info on that.
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Posted by on February 23, 2009 in Eyes+Sharp Stick, International, People


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