Liberals Hate Free Speech

15 Apr

Via Alphecca:

Once again, “progressive” students at a college disrupt an invited speaker, former Congressman Tom Tancredo. From the Raleigh News:

Tom Tancredo didn’t make it through his talk. In fact, he left campus early after protesters interrupted his speech and broke a window.

Protesters who weren’t allowed into the room where the speech was being given gathered outside the door and chanted, “There’s no debate, no space for hate.”

The former congressman once ran for president on a platform firmly against illegal immigration. He was invited to UNC to deliver a speech opposing in-state tuition benefits to illegal immigrants.

[Inside the room] Protesters interrupted his speech, stretching out a banner in front of him that read, “No one is illegal.” Tancredo grabbed the banner and confronted one of the people holding it.

Then there was the sound of glass shattering. A window was broken by more opponents outside. As the situation escalated, Tancredo left.

I have nothing to add.  Head on over to Alphecca to read the rest of his post.


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2 responses to “Liberals Hate Free Speech

  1. Jim and Sherri

    April 23, 2009 at 6:01 pm

    The actual beauty of all this is that no government censored anyone.The rude and boorish people who interrupted Mr. Tancredo certainly exercised their right to speech.Mr. Tancredo’s opinions are well known. He reinforced them with his banner bash and arguments with protestors. Look at the publicity each side received. I think Mr. Tancredo knew what he was doing. You don’t brave entering the lion’s den without the possibility of doing battleSeems like everyone got exactly what they wanted.Thank heaven we are not in a country where none of this could have happened. I would rather see this outbreak than censorship.Besides, where would the humor in life be if we didn’t have schoolyard confrontations like these?

  2. Reese

    April 24, 2009 at 8:46 am

    My frustration expressed here was the Liberals cannot tolerate hearing an idea that they do not agree with. I’m not sure if it’s an emotional issue or if their brains simply can’t handle it.Though I agree that they have the right to free speech, I would hope that they’d be able to have the decency to allow others to use their right.


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