More Difficult Than It Should Have Been

12 May

Okay, so you know that I recently changed this blogs name and address. Well, I’m a Facebooker and I’ve been trying to get my blog to feed over to my Facebook page. It only took me about three hours but I did it.

You see, the problem was in the feed. I had forgotten that I had created a Feedburner account for The Dream Extravaganza since I began using Sitemeter for tracking my stats. What I finally realized was the Facebook was trying to run my “Extravaganza” feed, which no longer exists. Okay, no problem, just change the feed address in my blog settings, right? Wrong! Feedburner recently hooked up with Google (who owns Blogger) and the feed URL’s were changed.

So, simply log into my Feedburner account, you say? Again, not so easy. Do you think I saved my Feedburner username and password? NO! But, wait, you can access Feedburner through your Google account. Ah, yep, it’s easier than I was trying to make it.

So the feed has been corrected and My Constructed Reality can be shared with everybody everywhere.

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Posted by on May 12, 2009 in Blogging


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