The Harpy vs. The CIA

20 May

I don’t know many people (Democrats and Republicans alike) who don’t think that Nancy Pelosi is a soul eating harpy – In other words, most people that I know (Democrats and Republicans alike) believe that Nancy Pelosi is a soul eating harpy. This latest congressional smoke screen (see swine flu), where she is calling the CIA a liar, and vice versa, may have some interesting implications.

Peter Canellos explains that:

…the controversy is likely to become a test of President Obama’s leadership – not to rally the country, but to quell dissension in his own ranks.

Like many similar Washington events, it is a power play masquerading as a scandal.

He then discusses why President Obama will do what he can to keep Pelosi in place, rather than having her resign and replaced with Steny Hoyer, the House Majority Leader.

Hoyer ducked opportunities to defend her on the grounds that he had no basis to judge whether the CIA had misled her. This nonendorsement served as an obvious reminder that he would have the most to gain were she to be driven from her post, since he’s next in line to succeed her.

Moreover, Pelosi tried unsuccessfully to replace him in 2006 with Representative John Murtha of Pennsylvania, the longtime Pentagon advocate who broke with Bush over the Iraq war.

Hoyer is a more consensus-oriented, risk-averse politician than Pelosi, and were he to supplant her as speaker, he’d be less likely to push through the more expansive – and expensive – aspects of Obama’s agenda.

That’s why Obama – the only figure with enough power and credibility to force the House Democrats into line – is likely to do what it takes to keep her in the speaker’s chair, as long as she can be effective.

The rest is interesting. Go check it out.

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Posted by on May 20, 2009 in Crazy Left, Politics


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