An Open Letter

09 Jun

Dear Christopher Nolan,

Thank you for rebooting the Batman franchise. I have thoroughly enjoyed both Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. I know that you must frequently receive letters from fans with suggestions as to what you should do next in the Batman series. Too often these people believe that they have the best idea, and it turns out to be miscalculated and unrealistic.

I hope that you do not feel that this is another one of those letters from one of those people. I was sitting at home thinking about the possibilities of the third installment of the new Batman series and I asked myself one question: “Where can the series possibly go?” After considering all of the possible villains I had an idea. The third movie could involve Catwoman.

The first thing that needs to be done is casting the right actor to play Catwoman. She needs to be smart, sophisticated, elegant, glamorous, feisty, physical and sexy without being slutty. Unfortunately, there are few American actors who comes to mind that fill all of these requirements. One that does come to mind is Cate Blanchett. My only concern with Ms. Blanchett, however, is the believability that she is the one actually doing the fighting. But I feel comfortable with your directing that you can make it believable. Ms. Balanchett offers a more traditional Catwoman type figure.

If you’re looking outside the box, I propose casting Zhang Ziyi. With Catwoman’s diverse historical backgrounds and multiple reinventions in comic books and pop culture, I offer you a new take on a character whose flexibility is limitless. Her draw to Gotham can be revenge for the abduction of Lau by Batman, and his death at the hands of the Joker and other gangsters – thus making her half villain, half heroine, while explaining her ethnicity (maybe she is Lau’s sister?). Or, if you wanted, you could make her a member of the League of Shadows, who is seeking revenge for the death of Raz Al Gul, but feels conflicted at fighting one of her own.

Whether or not she becomes Bruce Wayne’s new love interest is not my concern. If you have any questions or would like to talk about my ideas, I can be reached at the following: ———–

Thank you,

Reese ———–

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Posted by on June 9, 2009 in Movies


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