PSH From the Brady Campaign

25 Aug

Lots of people, on both sides of the issue, are getting interested in the open carry of firearms. Most of this interest is being generated by those who have openly carried while protesting near Obama town hall meetings. Most people are remaining relatively calm. Then there’s Paul Helmke of the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Ownership Violence.

When you open-carry… you can carry a .50-caliber sniper rifle down the street.

Yes, Mr. Helmke, you could. But depending on the jurisdiction it would most likely have to be unloaded. And, after a while, it would get really, really heavy. Congratulations, you’ve won the PSH award of the day! As for the rest of the new article, being that it’s from MSNBC, it’s rather un-biased.


One response to “PSH From the Brady Campaign

  1. Bob G.

    August 26, 2009 at 11:04 am

    Reese:And to think this SAME guy was mayor of the city I live in (now) for TWELVE LONG YEARS…what a tool.Now you know why MY part of Ft. Wayne is turning into a ghetto.He all but IGNORED the problems with the PEOPLE down here.But the post had me ROFLMAO anyway.I always like to laugh at Helmke!;)


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