Football Season!

05 Sep

After watching my Utes run all over Utah State on Thursday – well, I was in class so I was following a stat tracker on – I’m ready for a great Saturday full of College Football. Tammy is going to a baby shower, so I’m all set to indoctrinate the boy!

We’re broke and don’t have cable, so I’m quickly becoming an avid fan of, since they “televise” games that I normally wouldn’t see. The Boise State/Oregon game for example. I wouldn’t have seen that game but I was able to watch it on ESPN 360.

Here is my football watching schedule for the day:

Navy/Ohio State – 10:00am ESPN 360
Georgia/Oklahoma State – 1:30pm ABC
BYU/Oklahoma – 5:00pm ESPN 360
Alabama/VA Tech – 6:00 ABC

The beautiful thing about being able to watch games online is that, as you can see, two of the games will overlap and I can watch them simultaneously. Today is going to be a good day.

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Posted by on September 5, 2009 in Really Excited, Sports


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