Look, I Can Be An Editor Too!

21 Sep

Dave Matthews Blames Press for Angry Americans!

I think a lot of it has to be on the press. We give the podium to a lot of people who shouldn’t have the podium. The message that’s delivered the loudest and in the most entertaining way is the one that we’re going to put on because that’s what we want. We want ratings more than we want to deliver information. That’s just where the culture’s gotten.

There’s no way that Walter Cronkite, as a young journalist, no way Ed Murrow would be hired to do news today. Not a chance.

Now, the article is originally titled: U.S. racism ‘everywhere,’ says Dave Matthews, and if you read the article, yes, he does say that.  But this article is a trimmed down version of an interview that Dave Matthews gave where he talks about everything from American racism, to the crappy news media, to being his own worst critic.  The original title is a perfect example of what what Dave says is wrong with the MSM.

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Posted by on September 21, 2009 in Language, Media - What Bias?, People


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