What Does Equality Mean?

24 Sep

My friend, Shauna, has written an interesting piece concerning equality.  She makes some very good points.  Unfortunately, the Great State of Utah isn’t so great, in far too many facets.  What can you expect from a state with a homogeneous religion and culture that has only recently begun to become diversified? 

Far too often many of us bitch about what we claim to be corruption in our State Legislature, yet do nothing about it on election day, because we send the same people back to the hill.  Our state, as well as federal, political officials aren’t as efficient and effective as they could be because we, the people, don’t care.  We have given into the lie that has been pushed forward since FDR that government is the answer, and that we the people have no business in civil society, as government will take care of it. 

My hope for Utah’s LGBT community is that they take the Martin Luther King Jr. route to accomplish their goals, and not the Malcolm X route.  It will come, it will happen.  It will take time.  The nature of American Politics is changing and the people are realizing that they have to be more involved in civil society.  We are seeing that government is not the answer and that humanity is. 

It is my belief that as Utahns from all walks of life get more involved in the civil society, and begin to see that the people, all of them, are the future of this state and this nation.  As a result walls will be brought down.  Anger will dissipate.  But, will we all live and let live? 

Not entirely.  Human nature is not that way.  Too many Mormons won’t accept the Gays and too many Gays won’t accept the Mormons.  Plenty of people on both sides have said, “There will be no peace until they repent of their wrongs.”  And that is unfortunate.  But let’s take it from here and see where it goes. 

Anger, malice, hatred, mistrust – not the way to go.  Tolerance?  No.  Tolerance is patronizing.  Tolerance says, “I don’t want to know or understand you.  I’ll just put up with you.”  How about listening, understanding, openness?  Yeah, that sounds better.  Let’s start there.  Let’s start here.

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Posted by on September 24, 2009 in Life, Local


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