Because Someone Had To Do It

04 Jan

The .327 Federal Magnum, which was introduced in 2007 along with a Ruger SP101 to shoot it, has gained new ground today.  Since the introduction introduction of the .327 mag in the SP101, Charter Arms has released their Patriot, S&W their model 632, Taurus their model 731, and U.S. Firearms has their Sparrowhawk.  The only problem is that the Ruger, Charter, S&W, and Taurus are all compact framed pistols.  But since Federal was touting their new round as a self-defense round, this makes sense.

Many people have speculated what the .327 mag could do as a small game hunting round from a larger revolver, or a carbine.  I’ve been hoping to see S&W make an L-frame or N-frame in .327 magnum.  Since S&W currently packs 7 rounds of .357 mag in their L-frame revolvers, and 8 rounds in their N-frames, they could potentially put 8 .327 mags in their L-frames and 9 in their N-frames!  That could work wonders for small game handgun hunters.

Well, Ruger beat them to it.  Just as Ruger was the first to introduce a 6-shot, small frame revolver for the .327 mag, they are the first to introduce the cartridge in a 7-shot, medium frame revolver – their GP100

Come on, Smith & Wesson.  It’s time to play catch up!

And as an aside, Ruger also released a 8-shot Blackhawk in 327 mag.

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Posted by on January 4, 2010 in Guns, Really Excited


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