What the Dems want in MA

14 Jan

Gary Hewson is doing his best to give MA voters the info that they need concerning Martha Coakley, the Democratic nominee for the currently vacant Ted Kennedy Senate seat.  Mr. Hewson reminds MA voters that:

Coakley, now the Democratic candidate for US Senate, has made much of her record prosecuting crimes against children….

However, lest we forget:

Martha Coakley failed to take action against a man who molested his own niece, a child, with a [hot] curling iron until her hand was finally forced by the victim’s mother.

I’m sold. Way to think of the children!  This is part one of a series.  Keep your eyes peeled for parts 2 and beyond.  Let’s see what we can do to get Scott Brown elected in MA!


Update!  Here’s part two

One of the most notorious cases of homosexual child abuse in the “pedophile priests” scandal that rocked the American Catholic Church in general and the Archdiocese of Boston in particular over the past twenty years involved Father John Geoghan, who came to symbolize the cancer in the church.

And what was Ms. Coakley’s role in all this?  At first, she was applauded for her role in the successful prosecution of Father Geoghan in 2002.  But then it was discovered that she had plea-bargained away molestation charges against him in 1995, letting him off with probation in a deal that was kept secret from the public.

Be wise in your voting, MA residents. May the best conservative win 🙂

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