Repealing DADT

05 Feb

After reading Robb Allen’s post on repealing DADT, I got thinking about my own views.  I hadn’t given it much thought because I found President Obama’s timing a little odd.  He knows that the policies of the Democratic leadership will cost the party dearly come November and I see the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell being used as more of a smoke screen than actual policy change to further civil rights and legal equality.

Should gays be allowed to openly serve in the military?  Yes.

Should they receive special treatment (separate showers/barracks, etc.)?  No.

Should special laws be passed so that there are equal numbers of black, white, hispanic, asian, gay, straight, bi-sexual, transgendered officers?  No.

Should every person sworn into America’s armed forces be man/woman enough to be able to fight next to a brother/sister in arms regardless of whether they are gay, straight, Mormon, Catholic or Muslim?  Yes.

Bigotry and prejudice take many forms but they all boil down to the same thing – a person’s insecurity with themselves.


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2 responses to “Repealing DADT

  1. Laughingdog

    February 5, 2010 at 12:41 pm

    “Should they receive special treatment (separate showers/barracks, etc.)? No.”

    So if you don’t believe straight men should be able to have separate showers and berthing from gay men, do you also believe women don’t need separate berthing and showers either? If so, why do women deserve to be free from having to worry about men seeing them naken, yet if you’re a straight man or woman, you just have to suck it up if the one staring is the same gender?

    I’m not saying I advocate separate berthing for gays. I just think separate berthings for women seems silly if the same doesn’t apply for the gay/straight divide as well.

    • Reese

      February 5, 2010 at 2:48 pm


      You’re in the Navy, I presume, since you’re at the Navy Network Information Center. Tell me, what are your thoughts on ending DADT? I would love an insider opinion.

      Separate berthing via sex is different than via sexual orientation. To make such a divide could create a snowball effect where-by, eventually, everyone would want to be segregated into their own little prejudiced world. It’s back to drinking fountains for “whites” and “coloreds.”

      “…you just have to suck it up if the one staring is the same gender?” This assumes that homosexuals are all sexual predators who just can’t control themselves and have to stare (as if heterosexuals don’t look at each other in the shower anyway). I had the same homophobic fear once. When I admitted that to a gay man, his reply was, “don’t worry, you’re not really that attractive.” He wasn’t trying to insult me, he was just making a point.

      Straight men make the worst homophobes because we know how we’ve sexualised women. Often, straight men see women as objects to be desired, and why not? Media certainly pushes it in societies face.

      But, straight men make the worst homophobes because we take the social knowledge about ourselves (objectifying women) and project it onto gay men. The thought is, “if I (as a straight man) lust after everything with the right parts then a gay man must lust after everything with the right parts.”

      This makes the homophobe feel icky because he is being objectified and he doesn’t like that (welcome to the world of women!).

      I could keep going, but I’d really like to hear your opinion.


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