Some Peasants Are Getting Restless

06 Feb

Congressman Jim Matheson represents Utah’s Second District in the US House of Representatives.  Though I’m not in his district, I really like Jim Matheson.  In fact, he’s the main reason that I registered with the Democratic Party when I returned from Ukraine (I have since changed my party affiliation to Republican and am very close to breaking all party ties and registering as in Independent).

Apparently, since Jim Matheson is a Blue Dog, some of his constituents aren’t too happy and are looking to un-seat him this year.

The interesting thing about Utah’s Second District is that it covers so much of the state.  It covers 15.5 counties (out of 29) and around 750,000 residents (if you know anything about Utah geography you’ll know that the majority of the 2nd is desert).

If the Democratic base is able to un-seat Matheson in the Primaries, I think they’ll have trouble winning the general election.  It seems about time for that district to go back to the Republicans.

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Posted by on February 6, 2010 in Crazy Left, Local, Politics


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