American Federalism

27 Feb

Any student of American history knows that our system of federalism has changed many times since the country’s inception.  Wikipedia has a rough summery if you’d like to take a “quick” look.  Many of the Democrats in our state legislature are whining about a number of bills that they perceive as anti-federal.  Among those bills are S.B. 11 (which was just signed into law), H.B. 143 (which has passed the House and is now in the Senate), and H.J.R. 11 and 12 (which have both passed and been logged).

The language being used by the Democrats’ is “we have enough problems do deal with locally, why get all uppity with the federal government in a vain attempt to assert state sovereignty?”

I cannot claim to know why our legislature is resisting the feds this year more so than other years.  Maybe it’s because Utah is a conservative and Republican stronghold.  Maybe we’re just keeping the tradition alive of thumbing our noses at Washington.  However, it may be possible, however unlikely, that our legislature understands that with the economy in shambles and citizens looking for strong leadership, the federal government has a perfect opportunity to continue it’s expansion (which has been happening for about 30 years, but has begun to accelerate with two wars and a bad economy).

That makes now a perfect time to push back and resist, and hopefully get the pendulum to begin swinging in the opposite direction.  Are we going to see a new era in American Federalism?  Only time will tell.

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Posted by on February 27, 2010 in History, Local, People, Politics


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