07 Apr

Breda mentions a concern that she has with Michelle Obama stating that hubby Barack’s home country is Kenya.  No, it’s not the birther argument.  In fact, please read Breda’s post before continuing here.

Okay, now that you’re back.  Home.  It’s an interesting word isn’t it?  Four letters, infinite meanings.  For some, home is a happy place where they feel safe and secure.  For others, home is a place to fear and avoid.  Home can be your own residence, your parents’ residence, another city, state or country even if it’s not your native city, state, or country.

I don’t know who Michelle Obama is addressing in the clip Breda references, but it makes a difference.  President Obama’s father was Nigerian, thus the President has a legitimate reason to think of Nigera as home, or in other words the land of his forefathers.

As Michelle appears to be addressing AIDS in Africa, she may be speaking to a predominantly black audience, and a reference to Africa as home could be seen as appropriate by that audience.

What is the reality behind what she is saying?  Nobody knows without more information on the clip.  But it should be painfully obvious  that in the hopscotch game of life, you needn’t always jump to 7 when jumping to 1 will do.

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