Monkey Knuts

13 Apr

For my birthday I decided to order myself a key chain from Monkey Knuts.  Via their website:

Monkey Knuts™ are designed as accessible keychains and zipper grips allowing keys and the like, to be gripped more conveniently than if just connected directly to a key ring.  True artisan craftsmanship – tough, non-rotting nylon parachute cord – encompassing a rustproof stainless steel ball bearing – Monkey Knuts™ ensures your keys will remain attached to you at all times.  Accidental loss is highly unlikely, saves you on wear and tear of your clothing pockets, purses and backpacks and most importantly assures you are prepared for the unexpected.

Originally used as the weight attached to a heaving line, Monkey Knuts™ or a “monkey fist” is so called because some would say it looks similar to a small primate’s clenched fist.  This authentic sailor’s knot was specifically originated to be wrapped around a heavy object, such as a cannon ball, acting as a heaving line to accurately throw a rope from ship to dock.  Although this unique tool was predominantly used for a specific nautical function, sailors frequently used this extraordinary knot as a combat weapon in the midst of battle during the 1800s.

I purchased a Knut Buster.  So far, it’s a handy little gadget.  I’ll give you a follow up later.

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Posted by on April 13, 2010 in Birthdays, Tech


One response to “Monkey Knuts

  1. Bob G.

    April 14, 2010 at 8:55 am

    When I read your post, an air of “familiarity” came over me…sorta like Deja-Vu…

    After checking out the website, I know why.
    These are VERY good defense “weapons”, and have served many over the centuries.

    I used to know someone that could tie those knots (I never learned, and thereby missed out on another million-dollar money maker…LOL)
    Looks like a winner to me.

    Stay safe.


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