Just a Reminder

30 Apr

Okay people.  Let’s go over this one more time.  You don’t have to believe in God for His laws and commandments to have effects and consequences.  In fact, that’s the best part.  They do not exist at your discretion, they exist at His discretion.

As a child of God, you have been given agency – the capacity for rational thought and choice – and are allowed to use that agency however you see fit even if that means believing that God’s law does not exist.  Are we still on the same page?

Good.  So, all together now – believing that God’s laws and commandments do not exist does not make it so and does not void you from being accountable to Him for laws broken via commission or omission.

The Spirit of truth is of God. I [Christ] am the Spirit of truth, and John bore record of me, saying: He received a fulness of truth, yea, even of all truth; And no man receiveth a fulness unless he keepeth his commandments. He that keepeth his commandments receiveth truth and light, until he is glorified in truth and knoweth all things.  Man was also in the beginning with God. Intelligence, or the light of truth, was not created or made, neither indeed can be. All truth is independent in that sphere in which God has placed it, to act for itself, as all intelligence also; otherwise there is no existence. Behold, here is the agency of man, and here is the condemnation of man; because that which was from the beginning is plainly manifest unto them, and they receive not the light. And every man whose spirit receiveth not the light is under condemnation. For man is spirit. The elements are eternal, and spirit and element, inseparably connected, receive a fulness of joy; And when separated, man cannot receive a fulness of joy. The elements are the tabernacle of God; yea, man is the tabernacle of God, even temples; and whatsoever temple is defiled, God shall destroy that temple. The glory of God is intelligence, or, in other words, light and truth. Light and truth forsake that evil one. Every spirit of man was innocent in the beginning; and God having redeemed man from the fall, men became again, in their infant state, innocent before God. And that wicked one cometh and taketh away light and truth, through disobedience, from the children of men, and because of the tradition of their fathers. – D&C 93:26-39

Thank you.  Back about your business.

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  1. Bob G.

    May 2, 2010 at 12:48 pm

    In a word…


    (and Amen)

    Have a great week.


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