The New S&W SD9 and SD40

07 May

Gun Nuts Media points out that Smith & Wesson have revamped their Sigma line into a dedicated self defense pistol called the SD9 (9mm) and SD40 (.40S&W).  Web page here, PDF spec sheet here.  While these new pistols don’t get me too excited, the language on the spec sheet does.

The models are described as being either Standard Capacity or Low Capacity.  Why does this matter?  Up until this point any handgun that can hold more than 10 rounds in the magazine has been commonly referred to as High Capacity.  Today, high capacity is actually standard capacity and anything less than 10 rounds in a full sized pistol is low capacity.

Finally, a firearm manufacturer is using appropriate terminology regarding magazine capacity in published materials.

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Posted by on May 7, 2010 in Guns, Language


One response to “The New S&W SD9 and SD40

  1. Bob G.

    May 10, 2010 at 11:36 am

    I knew a few officers here in Ft. Wayne that carried the SIGMA…never did like the pistol myself.
    This new “uprated” version looks more like an M&P “wannabe” than anything else, but it DOES look nicer than the old model.

    And the tech specs bear that much out, too.

    Now, if they keep the PRICES down where the Sigma currently resides, that might make for a nice addition to the old “collection”.

    Good info.


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