This Weekend Officially Sucks!!!

08 May

So my three day weekend (Th, F, S) was going to be great.  I’d worked 10 of the last 11 days and things had been a little crazy when I left work so I was looking forward to some R&R.  Well, Thursday night at about 8:30 D decides to puke all over the kitchen floor.  Puking 3 more times and having two really nasty diapers before 4am meant that he was a pretty sick puppy.  Friday he seemed to ease up a little, no puking, no nasty diapers.  However, I wasn’t feeling well and was spending lots of time in the bathroom.

That brings us to today.  D wakes up and seems fine. I’m feeling better, though not 100% (stomach is still a little off) and Tammy is starting to feel sick.  We were supposed to have a family birthday party for D at 4 o’clock but we’ve decided to cancel it.

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day and I will have the honor of taking care of my sick wife until I have to go to work at 2pm.  Awesome!  This weekend officially sucks!!!

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Posted by on May 8, 2010 in Birthdays, Family, Life


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