I Voted

22 Jun

Today is Primary Day in Utah, as in other parts of the country.  On the state-wide Republican ballot we’ve got two contenders for U.S. Senator: Mike Lee and Tim Bridgewater.  The former is trying to jump on the “anti-incumbent-I’m-a-real-Libertarian” bandwagon.  The second is a successful business owner.

Locally we’ve got one putz(R) running against the incumbent putz(R) for State House Rep.  I voted against the incumbent.  Not because she did a poor job but because she didn’t do ANYTHING that I felt was a worthy use of taxpayer time and money.  If the new guy wins, hopefully he’ll do better, or else he faces the ax.

Results later tonight.

The other interesting race in the state today is in Utah’s 2nd District, between incumbent Blue Dog Jim Matheson(D) and uber-leftist Claudia Wright(D).  She was hand picked by the unhappy Democrats in the district because, “well, Matheson just isn’t Blue enough” or some other stupid argument.  Matheson actually represents the 2nd District, and the State, pretty well.  The scary part about this primary is that it’s an “open” primary, meaning you don’t have to be a registered Democrat (which only 8.6% of Utahns are) to vote.  There have been rumors that Republican uber-conservatives will try to throw the vote to Wright because she’s beatable in November.  I hope that doesn’t happen, as I really like Matheson.

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