The Digital Switch

13 Aug

I know that the television digital switch happened a long time ago but I’m finally annoyed enough to complain about it.  Sure, getting some additional channels on my regular TV is nice but for the first time in since I was 11 I’m having to mess with rabbit ears!

You see, my television is not compatible with the digital signal so I decided to purchase a converter box since my TV was only a couple of years old and still works really well.  The purchase of the digital converter was accompanied by the purchase of rabbit ears and depending on the channel, I have to adjust the arms so that the signal is clear.

In the old days if the picture wasn’t clear it was snowy but it didn’t interrupt your viewing.  Now when the picture isn’t clear it’s all blocky and pixelated and everything from picture to sound is interrupted.  I thought this digital switch was supposed to be a step forward?

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Posted by on August 13, 2010 in Life


One response to “The Digital Switch

  1. Bob G.

    August 18, 2010 at 12:33 pm

    As I have ALSO found out…it IS (clearly) a step forward…

    (quickly followed by those TWO STEPS BACKWARD)



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