Weak-Hand Shooting Practice

11 Sep

Something I’ve read about from time to time on the interwebz is “weak-hand” shooting.  Usually it’s on a message board where some mall ninja is talking about his experiences with spec-ops team that you’ve never heard of because it’s so uber-classified that the President doesn’t even know it exists.

Okay, back to reality.  In a self defense situation, do you really need to be able to shoot weak-hand and should you practice?  Before Thursday I would have answered that question saying “more than likely not.”

Now, to avoid the appearance and accusations of being a mall ninja, I have not been involved in a self defense situation where I needed to use my weak hand.  I was, however, playing flag football at work (yes, I like my job) and I broke the pinky finger on my right (read strong/dominant) hand.

Thankfully the spiral fracture does not require surgery or even a cast, only to be buddy taped using the finger next to it as a splint.  But this brings me to the point of my post – weak-hand shooting.  I have NEVER practiced shooting weak-handed.  I don’t even has a carry rig that will allow me to carry my .45 and draw it left handed.  That firearm will now sit in my safe for the next six weeks unless I’m able to get to the range and get some practice in with my left hand.

Thank goodness for the Ruger LCP.  A few weeks ago, Impact Guns in Ogden was running a special on LCP’s: $264.  I’d been saving up for a pocket pistol and when I saw that deal I had to get it.  Carried in a Blackhawk! Inside Pocket holster, I’ve been able to switch Elsie Pea from my right pocket to my left.

I wish I would have done some weak-handed shooting practice before this unfortunate event.  Do I think it’s necessary because your hand could become disabled during a fire fight?  No.  But you never know when  game of flag football might force you to change your carry routine.

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