Continuing my Love/Hate with Hotmail

10 Oct

After humming and hawing I finally decided to bight the bullet and create a new Windows Live ID in order to fix my previously mentioned problem.  Creation was quick and easy.  Moving my contacts not too difficult, though there was a little bit of clean up.  Then things got crazy.  Of course, I now need to notify everyone that my email address has changed.  This is no easy task.  One mass email should do the trick (and I’ll BCC everyone so that there’s not a huge list in the address box).  Microsoft promptly locks down my new account as a spam threat.  Wonderful.  My next task was to get all of my contacts updated in Windows Live Messenger.  Again, no easy task.  After much finagling I got all of the invites sent out but as far as I can tell no one has received them.  I’m guessing it’s part of that spam threat lock down. 

So let’s sum this up.  The one option that Microsoft gives me to fix my problem gets locked down because I’m trying to get the new email and all of my contacts up and running.  Great. 

Why not just stick with Google, you ask?  I really don’t mind Gmail.  If aesthetics means anything I’d rather go with Hotmail and SkyDrive.  I’m not a fan of Google’s privacy policy.

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Posted by on October 10, 2011 in Eyes+Sharp Stick, Tech


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