It’s All About Language

07 Jan

Language is one of the most significant tools that we humans have in creating our social worlds. In the Symbolic Interactionism of George Herbert Mead we find that

Humans act toward people, things, and events on the basis of the meanings they assign to them. Once people define a situation as real, it has very real consequences. … Language [is] the source of meaning. Meaning arises out of the social interaction people have with each other. Meaning is not inherent in objects. Meaning is negotiated through the use of language, hence the term symbolic interactionism. … As human beings, we have the ability to name things. Symbols, including names, are arbitrary signs. By talking with others, we ascribe meaning to words and develop a universe of discourse.

As Sebastian correctly points out, the gun grabbers’ language “went from gun control, to gun safety, and then to gun violence prevention.” When someone presents you with an argument, pay attention to the language that they use. How are they attempting to influence your understanding with their choice of language?

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Posted by on January 7, 2013 in 2nd Amendment, Language


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