New Hornady Critical Duty Round

07 Jan

I’m a fan of Hornady’s Critical Defense round and carry them in my Sig P238. I have wanted to carry them in my 45, but have not the .45 ACP Critical Defense round uses a 185gr bullet. The Firearm Blog reports that Hornady has now released a .45 caliber Critial Duty round with a 220gr bullet, which is closer to the traditional 230gr.

According to Hornady, the differences between their Critical Defense line and their Critical Duty line are:

Critical DEFENSE® = Personal Protection/Concealed Carry

Critical DEFENSE® handgun ammunition was developed to provide the best performance for DEFENSIVE or PERSONAL PROTECTION SITUATIONS and is the ultimate choice for any short barreled, concealed carry style firearm.

Critical DUTY® = Tactical

Critical DUTY® handgun ammunition is built to meet the needs and requirements of LAW ENFORCEMENT and TACTICAL PROFESSIONALS, as well as those law abiding citizens who prefer a full-size handgun for their personal protection and demand superior barrier penetration and subsequent terminal performance.*

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Posted by on January 7, 2013 in Self Defense


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